Gelateria daRe Gelato a Primavera

Gelato daRe participates in “Gelato a Primavera”

Gelateria daRe participates in the event “Gelato a Primavera” hosted by the Italian Gelateria Association !

From 25 may to 2 June you can taste the best gelato in Rome, including that of Gelateria daRe, for the 3oth Artisanal Gelato and Fresh Milk Festival. All children are offered a free gelato!

The first edition of the “Gelato a Primavera” festival was organized in 1986 and each year since Roman gelato makers offer gelato to alumni of the elementary and pre-schools to promote, in a simple and ‘colorful’ way, one of the signature products of Made in Italy. 113 gelaterie contribute to this initiative to offer the best gelato to more than 100,000 children accompanied with their parents and other generations, bound forever by one of the most delicious treats from their childhood: real, artisanal gelato. The same event is replicated in several cities all over Italy.

Come find us at Via Bisagno, 19 – 00199 Rome

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